The beautiful new build homes in Greater Manchester that are far from being a blank beige box

New builds without compromising on design.

Daisy Jackson Daisy Jackson - 30th January 2023

When you think of new build homes, a lot of us might immediately picture a plain, square, neat little house, with magnolia walls, beige carpet and a completely unremarkable patch of grass out the back. 

Despite these preconceptions, hordes of Mancs are heading out of the city centre in order to put down roots somewhere where you have your own front door, flights of stairs, and no scary rent increases looming overhead. 

For those of us who want all the perks of a new build, but don’t want to compromise on style and character, there’s a new development in town that is bucking the trend.

Northstone’s Silkash neighbourhood has created 150 genuinely beautiful homes, full of design-led details like huge windows, natural textures in walls and floors, and landscaped gardens.

This new generation of new builds is situated in Westhoughton in Bolton, surrounded by green space but with super-easy transport links back into the city centre for those still clinging on to the hustle and bustle of Manchester.


Northstone has designed the neighbourhood to suit style-conscious home-owners, whether it’s your first step on to the property ladder or you’re just to get some extra space for your family. 

Each home comes with high ceilings to complement those massive windows, and buyers can take advantage of the flexible spaces inside. They promise it’s the ‘antithesis of the pokey new build’.


For anyone worrying about the cost of living too (which is, well, all of us), the houses are some of the most energy-efficient on the market, packed with technology that will help households to reduce their energy usage. 

The Silkash neighbourhood was built with community in mind – these are the sort of streets with trees, and wide spaces where kids can play out and neighbours can gather for street parties. 

Anita Jolley, sales director at Northstone, said: “Most people come with a pre-loaded opinion about new build homes – some good, a lot bad. 


“Time and again we smash those preconceptions as soon as people step through the door. Whether the wide tree-lined streets when people arrive, or the high ceilings, big windows and flexible layout of the homes, it’s a form of suburban living for those that really appreciate good design.

“Quite often, people really want their own front door and outdoor space, but they’re reluctant to leave their city centre apartment as they don’t want to compromise style. 

“Northstone homes are fantastic for first time buyers and families who want more space and design-led living spaces at locations with excellent transport links.

“A big motivator for buyers is also the energy crisis and the effect on bills. Every inch of our homes has been designed with this in mind, meaning they’re some of the most energy efficient currently on the market in Greater Manchester.”

There are a range of house types available in Northstone’s Silkash neighbourhood, from two-bedroom to four-bedroom homes. 


To find out more, visit northstone.co.uk/development/silkash.

Featured image: The Manc Group