Jamie Carragher fires back over Man City’s FFP charges following Pep Guardiola’s Premier League dig

Carra was more than happy to engage in a little tête-à-tête — or Pep-à-pep, if you will.

Danny Jones Danny Jones - 6th December 2023

Jamie Carragher has fired back after a dig he received from Manchester City boss, Pep Guardiola, bringing up the club’s long list of FFP breaches after the manager took aim at pundits questioning whether his team have grown complacent.

Speaking in his pre-match press conference ahead of Man City‘s away fixture against Aston Villa on Wednesday night, the Catalan coach referenced pundits and commentators questioning whether his side has taken its foot off the gas after winning a treble and three Premier Leagues in a row.

Despite insisting he didn’t have anything to say about pundits and their criticism of City’s form, Guardiola then went into a lengthy answer to the interviewers’ question, stating that “he knows how hard it is to win four Premier League’s otherwise Gary Neville would have [but] he didn’t do it”.

Adding that maybe “[pundits] are able to see all the things I’m not able to see”, Pep then doubled down by saying that “not even him, not even Jamie Carragher who didn’t win [a league title] once, not even Micah Richards — they haven’t won four in a row”.

Pep’s dig at Carra was part of a six-minute response.

Whilst his pushback against pundits appeared to be nothing personal against Carragher, specifically, simply stating a fact that he never won the Premier League and was merely emphasising how hard it is to win so many back-to-back, the former Liverpool man didn’t let the jab go unreturned.


Jumping on social media shortly after, the retired England international and Champions League winner said that he had been positive about City after the Spurs match even despite the result — the 3-3 draw producing one of the most controversial and entertaining games of the seasons — and clearly seemed surprised to have been called out.

Nevertheless, Carragher did fire back by suggesting that he and his teammates at the time would have “probably won one if Liverpool were owned by a nation-state, and pushed the rules so far that the PL charged us 115 times!!”.


City still has a litany of outstanding charges for alleged breaches of UEFA’s Financial Fair Play (FFP) regulations and following Everton’s recent punishment (the same team Carragher used to support in his youth, it’s worth adding), the prospect of them lifting yet another trophy doesn’t rub right win many fans.

Carragher brings up the FFP of it all after Pep’s dig about never winning the league.

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Regardless, Pep went on to insist that he believes his side “will win it again” and that the handful of uncharacteristic results up to this point in the season is simply because they have “won a lot”.

The 52-year-old went on to reiterate how hard it is to win consecutive league titles, let alone for on the bounce, adding that “no team in England has ever done it”.


As for whether this little tiff between Pep and Carragher will turn into a prolonged beef of any kind as we head towards Christmas and the New Year, with Liverpool and the Blues neck and neck at the top of the table, we’ll just have to wait and see.

You can watch Guardiola’s press conference in full down below:

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