The Manchester skincare brands treating ‘maskne’ during the pandemic

‘Maskne’ is the latest skin struggle that everyone is facing, but getting rid of these uncomfortable blemishes is easier than ever thanks to these Manchester skincare brands.

Daisy Bradbury Daisy Bradbury - 30th October 2020
Anna Schvets / Pexels

Everyone gets bad skin from time to time. Whether it’s due to hormones, stress or an unhealthy lifestyle, a sudden burst of blemishes can function as a reminder that we should be kinder to our skin.

But the newest influx of breakouts is completely out of our control: ‘Maskne’. A hybrid of the words ‘mask’ and ‘acne’, this skin invasion is caused by the heat and friction produced by regularly wearing a face mask.

Whether it’s from the trapped air, the oils of your skin or the moist environment created by talking, this is a breeding ground for blemishes to develop and can’t easily be avoided.

If you’re struggling with spots during the pandemic, these Manchester skincare brands have got you covered to minimise your maskne.

Calendula and Mandarin Hot Cloth Cleanser – Stripped Skincare

Stripped Skincare

The first step to blitzing any blemishes is to ensure that your skin is clean and free from any bacteria.


Calendula and Mandarin Hot Cloth Cleanser is suitable for spot-prone, oily and combination skin, as it balances the production of sebum.

Not only is it relaxing and gentle to massage this product into the skin, but it’ll leave your face feeling revitalised and ready to fight off any acne.


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Activated Charcoal Konjac Sponge – Buddha Beauty

Buddha Beauty

This revolutionary product from Buddha Beauty is your skincare saviour in a sponge.

Infused with black konjac and activated charcoal, it will deeply clean your skin and help to eliminate any dirt and excess oils. The natural antioxidant ingredients also offer a natural treatment targeted towards acne.


All you need to do is add water to this sponge and apply it to your face to start seeing results, which is much less abrasive than using a flannel that may irritate any blemishes.

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Tea Tree Peel Off Mask – Skin Academy

Skin Academy

Tea tree oil helps to calm and soothe the skin, which is necessary when suffering from vicious blemishes.

This Skin Academy face mask extracts impurities and dirt, giving an intensive and restorative finish to fight maskne.

This will leave your skin looking clear and feeling fresh, gradually fighting off any impending mask-induced spots.


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Clear Target Gel – Skin Academy

Skin Academy

If you’re in need of a quick fix for your maskne, this Clear Target Gel is a necessity.

It contains salicylic acid which is one of the main ingredients for treating spots, as it helps to shrink their appearance quickly.

All you need to do is apply a small amount to any problem areas a couple of times a week and watch as it works its magic.

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