This Manchester-based menswear start-up is offering a free shirt to all new subscribers

Daisy Bradbury Daisy Bradbury - 16th October 2020
The Shirt Society

Look the part, be the part.

Even though many of us are back working from home, getting dressed in style can play a big role in productivity.

Whether you’re returning to the office, grabbing a bite to eat or trying to look professional via Zoom call, a fashionable shirt is essential.

Usually, finding a shirt that is good quality and fits well can take hours of shopping or endless scrolling online, but Manchester startup The Shirt Society are offering luxury menswear “without all the hassle of the traditional shopping experience”.

And all customers get their first shirt free.


Customers are able to choose their monthly shirt in just 20 seconds, and with no effort at all it will be delivered at your doorstep.

Not only was The Shirt Society created during the Covid-19 pandemic, which has seen many high-street stores close in favour of online counterparts, but they are also eager to encourage sustainable shopping through these high-quality monthly drops that’ll last you a lifetime.


They claim to be right inside the head of all Mancunian men, offering a curated collection of shirts in the styles and fits that men are looking for.

“Most guys just want clothes that look sharp [and] feel great to wear” says founder, Matt Bird.

Their website also offers a skip function that allows members to choose when they receive their drops, so there’s no hassle or commitment when using their service.

The Shirt Society
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🔔 Don't forget to moisturise, folks.

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The Shirt Society is also partnering with local businesses to offer something special for their customers, whether that’s by including a free product or discounts for bars and restaurants across the city.

The first free perk that members will receive is in collaboration with Cornerstone, another Mancunian brand. Their vegan-friendly mint and aloe vera moisturiser is perfect for the winter-induced dry skin, and it’s even better that it’s free.

Make sure you sign up to The Shirt Society now in order to receive your free shirt and lots of other exciting monthly launches.