This Manchester brand is creating matching outfits for fathers and sons to rock this winter

Fathers and sons across Manchester are rocking some matching outfits thanks to MANCUB.

Daisy Bradbury Daisy Bradbury - 10th December 2020

Is style a genetic thing? MANCUB certainly seems to think so.

This Mancunian brand specialises in creating matching outfits for fathers and sons – allowing families to stay coordinated this Christmas.

From leather jackets to quilted coats, MANCUB has found an absolutely adorable niche, but owners say there’s far more to the brand than a gimmick.

To them, MANCUB is about being proud of your father-son bond and showcasing that for the world to see.


The MANCUB concept was born in 2017 by Dominique, after she bumped into a friend whose husband and son were dressed head-to-toe in matching outfits.


“It’s as if they were wearing their Father-Son bond for all to see”, says Dominique, who was instantly inspired to bring this concept to life.

What started as a fad of matching t-shirts on holiday quickly developed into the son refusing to leave the house unless he ‘looks like daddy’.


But, despite being adorable and eye-catching, this coordinated style wasn’t easy to achieve – and Dominique had to work hard to develop the kind of outfits that both man and ‘cub’ would want to wear.

A clothing brand that creates matching outfits for men and children is extremely difficult to come across, unless you want cliché, low-quality t-shirts with slogans such as ‘half pint’ and ‘full pint’ printed on them.


“Matching outfits shouldn’t require compromise on quality and style,” says Dominique, who was eager to give this trend a luxurious, high-quality promotion.


And indeed, the creations have been greatly received – with fathers and sons right across the country wearing their contemporary, coordinated outfits.

As Dominique summarises: “Be it Man, Cub, Mum, or a random onlooker, there’s guaranteed smiles all round when you’re being MANCUB.”

You can shop the entire collection on the MANCUB website.