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Staycation locations across the UK

If you’re looking for staycation inspiration, we’ve listed a handful of our favourite ones below.

The Manc The Manc - 12th July 2021

Staycation is a combination of ‘stay’ and ‘vacation’, highlighting a mini break in your home country.

Whether it’s for a day, a weekend, or a full week, there’s plenty of holiday destinations in the UK to kickstart your staycation. Just remember to pack all your essentials, whether you’re travelling via car, train, ferry, or staying in a motorhome. This includes your toiletries, clothes, driver’s license, and motorhome insurance papers.

If you’re looking for staycation inspiration, we’ve listed a handful of our favourite ones below.

Brighton, England

Brighton has everything to make it a successful getaway, suitable for couples and families alike. From the sea and sand to the vast collection of bars and restaurants, there’s plenty to see and do here during your trip. There is also a giant ferris wheel if you want to take in a panoramic view of the coast.


Lake District, England

The Lake District has it all and it’s the perfect romantic or family getaway. There are plenty of campsites if you travel via motorhome or if you’re looking for a wild experience with nature. There’s plenty of lakes, hiking trails, rolling hills, and breath-taking views to take in at the Lake District. Be sure to back sensible shoes or wellies for the long hikes up the hills.


London, England

If you’re looking for a city break packed with history, dining, theatre, and royalty, London is the perfect spot for you. Locations are easily accessibly via the tube, bus or on foot – just remember to pack some comfy shoes! You’ll never be short of places to eat in London, from street food to dinner at the Shard. There’s an endless list of things to do in London including: visiting museums, hopping onto the London Eye for panoramic views, experiencing theatre and musicals, and more.

Northumberland, England


Northumberland boasts beautiful coastal views and is the home of the Northern Experience Wildlife Tours. It’s a once in a lifetime experience to go and search for dolphins and whales and experience nature up close. Guided cruises are also available here with an abundance of restaurants and bistros to dine at. It’s the perfect relaxed getaway.

Edinburgh, Scotland

There is plenty of history to explore in Edinburgh and beautiful architecture to admire. This city break injects history and scenic routes on your staycation – from military fortresses to royal residence. For anyone brave enough there’s also the dungeons in Lauriston Castle to explore. Complete the trip with a visit to the Scotch Whisky Experience. 

The UK has so much to offer, right at our doorstep. From cities packed with history to towns with beautiful coastal views, there’s plenty to do here for day breaks and longer trips.