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You can pay to cuddle fluffy cows at this northern farm

*Runs to the fields*

Clementine Hall Clementine Hall - 17th November 2023

Have you ever looked at a field of cows – especially the soft fuzzy Highland variety – and thought ‘wow, I’d love to wrap my arms around that beast and smash my face into its fur’? Just me?

Well anyway, a farm up north is offering a special Cow Cuddling experience, where you can stroke, groom and cuddle these gentle beasts to your heart’s content.

The therapeutic experience also includes the chance to meet Dumble Farm’s goats and alpacas, finishing up with a hot drink and biscuits. My soul literally needs this.

Dumble Farm in Beverley, East Yorkshire, is allowing you to get up close and personal with their local cows, The Hoot reports.

Their Cow Cuddling experience allows adults to spend time stroking, grooming and having some quiet time getting to know the cows around the farm.


Cow cuddling is a new wellness phenomenon that is becoming more popular and readily available at farms across the UK.

Whether you want to give their luscious locks a brush or simply lay down next to them, you’ll feel immediately put at ease due to their relaxing, gentle nature.

The cows you can cuddle at Dumble Farm
The cows you can cuddle at Dumble Farm

The experience lasts approximately 2 hours, and costs £50 per person.

After arriving at Dumble Farm you’ll receive an introductory talk where you’ll learn about the fascinating history of the farm, before being introduced to the retired dairy cows who you’ll be cuddling.

Their website reads: “When they lie down quietly, they enjoy the company of friendly people cuddling them.


“You can take time to relax with them, listening to their cuddling and sensing their gentle nature, and while they are stood up you can brush and stroke them (we can’t guarantee the cows will always be lying down, so cuddling experiences may vary).”

After this you’ll meet the younger highland cows who you can stroke and pet before finally being introduced to Dumble Farm’s goats and alpacas.

“Then you’ll meet our goats, who will love to see you and be fed, they are always playful and wanting attention. Finally the alpacas with their very gentle fleeces, faces and nibbling mouths.”

And to round off this brilliant experience, you’ll even be treated to a hot drink and homemade biscuits and cake, sounds like a perfect afternoon if you ask us.

If you’d like to find out more and book yourself a spot on this Cow Cuddling experience, visit Dumble Farm’s website.

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Featured image: Dumble Farm