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Man shows enormous queue of ‘people wearing trainers’ at snowy Snowdon summit

Even in the snow - trainers. Risky business.

Daisy Jackson Daisy Jackson - 29th March 2024

Another day, another massive queue of people trying to reach the summit of Snowdon – when will we learn?

In a viral video shared on TikTok, one man has captured one of the longest summit queues we’ve seen yet.

And the real stinger is that he says a lot of the people at the top of Wales’s tallest mountain – which was covered in a blanket of snow – were wearing trainers.

Mountain Rescue’s most advice for hiking is to wear appropriate footwear and clothing, especially when climbing to such heights.

The weather up in the mountains can change in the blink of an eye, and at the time of writing, the summit of Snowdon is still blanketed in snow even if things are warming up further down.


The video from last month, shared by Joseph Hunter, shows a line of people several hundred metres long, all waiting to touch the trigpoint and officially reach the highest point in Wales.

It seems like a crazy scene, but it’s becoming increasingly common as tourists flood to this national beauty spot.


Snowdon, or Yr Wyddfa, has an elevation of 1,085 metres and is one of the most beautiful places in the UK.

And despite being a good couple of hours from Manchester, there are plenty of Mancs making the trip to North Wales to climb this iconic mountain.

In the video, Joseph wrote: “When you reach the summit of the highest mountain in Wales and you’re sharing it with 3000 people wearing trainers…”


Someone commented: “I recall doing Snowdon decked out in all the gear and when walking down seeing a fella in Lonsdale trainers and an Asda carrier bag.”

Another wrote: “I climbed it in trainers… broke my ankle on the way down and got airlifted off. Lesson learnt.”

One person commented: “So glad I got to experience this before it became TikTok famous.”

And if you really can’t bear the thought of queueing just to be that high up, the original poster later shared a video of much a more under-the-radar walk in Snowdonia.

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Featured image: TikTok