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You can stay in a cosy cabin 1,375 feet underground in an abandoned mine

This very much sounds like the start of a horror film...

Daisy Jackson Daisy Jackson - 17th December 2023

There’s an overnight stay in Wales where you can cosy up in your own cabin… 1375 feet below ground.

Not for the faint-hearted, this unusual accommodation is the deepest underground sleep on the planet, built into the bottom of the world’s largest and deepest former slate mine.

While the cabins themselves are pretty luxurious, with proper beds, electricity, and even WiFi, it’s stressed that this is very much an off-grid adventure camp.

Guests have to hike up into the mountains of Eryri, or Snowdonia, with a guide, before descending all the way through the abandoned Victorian slate mine.

You’ll have to traverse decaying bridges, ancient stairways and via ferratas (basically planks of wood fastened to the sheer mine walls), obviously with proper safety gear and a guide to help lead the way.


Still, once you’ve travelled 1375 feet underground, at least you’re rewarded with… Oh… A huge cavern where the temperature sits at a chilly 10⁰C.

The cabins are heated but the spaces around them are not, and guests are advised to wrap up warm for their night in one of the most beautiful and unusual locations in the UK.


Go Below’s Deep Sleep experience in north Wales opened earlier this year, with four twin cabins as well as the extra-special grotto available to book.

The grotto is built into the rock face and has a log burning fire – it truly looks like something from Lord of the Rings.

As well as the two-hour guided scramble through the mine, the package to stay at Deep Sleep includes an expedition-style evening meal, with dishes like BBQ pulled pork, orzo pasta Bolognese, and Tuscan stew, plus breakfast the next morning to fuel your journey back to above ground.


Deep Sleep costs £350 for a private cabin or £550 for the grotto, with expeditions happening once a week.

You can find out more and book your spot here.

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Featured image: Go Below