100-year-old Manc woman says to ‘stay single’ if you want to live a long life

Wise words, tbh.

Emily Sergeant Emily Sergeant - 11th April 2024

A Cheadle care home resident who is celebrating her 100th birthday recommends that people “stay single” if they want to live a long life.

Joyce Preston is marking a milestone that not many people get to reach in their lifetimes, as she impressively turned 100 years of age a couple of weeks back on 20 March, and so naturally, she’s been taking some time to reflect and look back on the decades she’s been lucky enough to spend on this earth.

Not only that, but the Stockport centenarian has also shared what she believes is the key to living a long life in the hopes it’ll help others to do the same.

She may currently be a resident at Care UK’s Abney Court Care Home, in Abney Hall Park in Cheadle, at the moment, but Joyce was born in Stockport on 20 March 1924.

Making the decision to never get married, Joyce instead decided to focus on her career at the Shirley Institute – which was a research centre for the cotton industry – and after years of her hard work, she went on to become the head of the company’s office in Didsbury.

Joyce Preston, from Stockport, is celebrating her 100th birthday / Credit: Care UK (Supplied / Family Handout)

Joyce has visited many countries across the world throughout her life, thanks to a shared love of travelling on cruises with her close friends, and reveals she was the most fond of her time spent in the Middle East in particular.

Aside from travelling, Joyce has always had a passion for singing, and she spent many years performing with her local choir.


But what exactly does she owe her 100 years to then? What does she reckon is the key to living a long and healthy life? Well, we’ll need to go back to the ‘never marrying’ part to find the answer for that, as Joyce has attributed her impressive longevity to “staying single”, and ultimately, having fun.

“I really enjoyed the day,” Joyce said, after celebrating her 100th birthday in style during a party at Abney Court last month, that was complete with a cake specially-prepared by the home’s Head Chef, and a performance by the choir she used to be a was a part of.

“I especially enjoyed seeing my friends and family, and I loved the choir as it brought back memories of my time in the choir, so that made my day.”


Zoe Smart, who is the Home Manager at Abney Court, said it was an “honour” to celebrate Joyce’s birthday with her, as she is “a beloved resident” and that everything the home does centres around “supporting residents to live fulfilling lives”.

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“We are always eager to mark special occasions,” Zoe added.

“Joyce’s 100th birthday was no exception, and it was a delight to hear her sound advice for living a long and happy life and all about her travels in her younger years.”

Featured Image – Care UK