A company will pay you £500 to play the role of ‘workplace bully’ two hours a week

Andrea Piacquadio / Pexels

There’s nothing worse than being forced to square off with the office bully.

Almost every workplace has one – an incessant whinger who manages to wind up the entire staff roster on a daily basis.

Most companies make it a matter of principle to boot out the bullies whenever they find them, but plenty of d***heads still manage to fly under the radar and make life miserable for their teammates.

You don’t get to choose your workmates – which means that office idiots are often part of the deal.

Now, one professional development company has created a course designed to help people handle painful employees – and they need someone to play the workplace the bully.

Development Academy describes its ‘assertiveness training’ as a course that teaches people how to communicate calmly and effectively in stressful situations where they’re placed under pressure.

In order to truly test the patience of participants and determine whether they can stand strong in the heat of verbal battle, a bully is required.

That’s where you come in.

Development Academy wants someone to wind up their trainees in lots of different ways – whether it’s pretending to be “an angry customer, unreasonable supplier, a new work colleague with a chip on their shoulder or just someone who is having a really bad day.”

In exchange for becoming a royal pain in the arse, you’ll get a cool £500 for the month, for just two hours work per week.

The job description reads: “To give participants a way to try out their new skills in as realistic a way as possible, we’re looking to recruit people to act as an incognito ‘workplace bully’. 

“We are looking for someone who is happy being difficult and making things a bit uncomfortable for our delegates, so that they can practice standing up for themselves and putting into practice what we’re teaching them. 

“While we will give you the broad setup of a scenario you will have to be prepared to improvise in order to try to make the minor conflict in their workplace as realistic as possible.”

Reckon you’re up to making someone else’s life a misery?

Learn more here.

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