A photo of a bus has kicked off a North vs South funding debate on Twitter


Twitter users from both sides of the North/South border are weighing in on an impassioned debate about government funding... and it's all because of a picture taken on a bus. 

An amazed Manchester traveller praised the interior of a plush public transport vehicle recently, snapping an image with the caption: "OMG these buses talk AND have the stops in writing wow Mcr is evolving."

A Londoner re-shared the image on Twitter shortly afterwards, calling northerners "farmers" and following up with the quote: "we’ve had these for decades in london oh my days".


The tweet has erupted in the past few days - kicking off a fiery debate about funding above and below the Midlands.

Many from the Big Smoke found it hard to believe anyone could still be impressed by buses with screens and stop announcements - with London transport having this technology in place for some time.

The thread quickly turned into a row about government spending on public transport, and how the stats for London were so much higher than in the north.

But not everyone got reeled into a finance dispute.

Some users also used the thread to discuss the worst and best buses in the country.


Numerous bus services currently operate in the Manchester area.

These include Stagecoach (a subsidiary of public company Stagecoach Group), Arriva North West (a subsidiary of multinational public transport company Arriva), First (a public multi-national transport group) and Manchester Community Transport (a non-profit transport company).

Some commuters were left concerned when prominent service operator Jim Stones Coaches announced it would be retiring its fleet this year, however Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) has found replacement operators to cover the 12 services. Four will run on a commercial basis, whilst 8 will be subsidised by TfGM.

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