BBC Radio Manchester DJ bit by dog in pub blamed for ‘looking like a postman’

The Salford music legend was at a pub in Saddleworth with his wife Viv and was walking to the bar when the incident happened.

Emily Sergeant Emily Sergeant - 2nd September 2021

BBC Radio Manchester DJ Mike Sweeney has revealed that he bitten by a dog while out in a pub in Oldham over the weekend.

But in a strange turn of events, the dog owner blamed Mike for walking past it.

The Salford music legend was at a pub in Saddleworth with his wife Viv, and was walking to the bar inside the pub when a terrier-type dog bit him on the leg and ended up breaking the skin and leaving teeth marks – but Mike explained that the dog owner said it must have been his fault as the pet “had never done that before”.

Not only that, but Mike said the dog owner also blamed him for “looking like a post man” as he was wearing a red t-shirt.

Mike – who hosts BBC Radio Manchester’s mid-morning show – was also annoyed to discover after he got home that being bitten by a dog is against the law and a crime that can be reported to the police, but he was instead made to feel guilty for what happened.


The DJ took to social media to vent his frustrations after the incident.

In a post on his Facebook page, 73-year-old Mike said: “Don’t normally post stuff like this on social media, however, I got bitten by a dog in a pub at the weekend and I’ve only just found out that actually it’s a crime.


“I love dogs and most dog owners, but the attitude from the two of them in charge of this irascible little animal was really shocking… “It’s not bitten you”, “it’s never done that before”, “it’s your fault for walking past it”.

The Salford music legend was at a pub in Saddleworth with his wife Viv when the incident happened / Credit: Unsplash (Amie Johnson)

He continued: “Although the woman was quite apologetic, the man wasn’t.

“I felt that they thought I shouldn’t be near their dog and what had happened was an inconvenience that had spoilt their day.”


Mike said that he immediately left the pub after the incident occurred so that he could properly tend to the wound at home with antiseptic wipes, telling the MEN: “I’m just hoping it doesn’t get infected as I’m going on holiday soon.

“But I’ve potentially got a dog bite scar on my leg forever.”

Since sharing the incident on social media, Mike said his post “exploded” with about 100 comments from shocked people – “and not had one person who says you shouldn’t walk past a dog in a pub,” he added.

After having been advised to report it to the police, Mike explained to the MEN that he’s reflecting on what to do next.

Mike was annoyed to later discover that being bitten by a dog is against the law / Credit: Facebook (Salford Lads Club)

“I only found out yesterday from a friend that it’s now a crime, I thought it was a civil matter,” he said.


“But you are advised to report it on 101 so that the owners can be contacted to say ‘look your dog has bitten someone you maybe need to review how you deal with that and what control or not you have over the animal’.

“I’m having a think about what to do next.”

Featured Image – BBC Radio Manchester