Britain’s favourite biscuits have been revealed in a new poll

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A new poll of over 2,000 Brits has unveiled the top 20 best-loved biscuits in the nation, but which treat has taken the number one spot?

Data insights company Prospectus Global posed one of the most hotly-debated questions of all time to the British public this month and it’s now been revealed that Chocolate Digestives have taken the crown as the nation’s favourite biscuit.

Some 2,000 Brits responded to the survey and 69% declared the McVitie’s classic as their best-loved biccie. 

Shortbread came in second, with Chocolate Fingers, Jaffa Cakes and Chocolate Hobnobs making up the rest of the top five list, and a further 15 other fan-favourites – including Jammie Dodgers, Bourbons, Crunch Creams, Oreos and Maryland Cookies – also made up the top 20.

Statistics from the poll also suggested that the older generation are most partial to a Ginger Nut – loved by 60% of the over-60s – but only 31% of the 16-29 age group, and youngsters are far keener on US import, the Oreo, with 63% picking it as a favourite, compared to just 15% of the over-60s.

Top 20 Best-Loved Biscuits in Britain

  1. Chocolate Digestive
  2. Shortbread   
  3. Chocolate Finger
  4. Jaffa Cake
  5. Chocolate Hobnob
  6. Custard Cream
  7. Jammie Dodger
  8. Maryland Cookie
  9. Bourbon
  10. Crunch Cream
  11. Plain digestive
  12. Viennese Whirl
  13. Rich Tea
  14. Ginger Nut
  15. Hob Nob
  16. Oreo
  17. Malted Milk 
  18. Nice
  19. Fig Roll
  20. Garibaldi

When it comes to the drink of choice to accompany the biscuit, the survey revealed that a third of us would like a cup of tea (33%), while 22% pick coffee, and the younger generation are continuing to keep the tradition of dunking alive, with 23% of 16-29-year-old’s saying they dunk, compared to just 11% of over-60s.

Ellie Glason – Director at Perspectus Global – said: “We were surprised to see just how much the nation still loves a biscuit – and especially the people of Norwich who get through a staggering 650 a year. It’s also interesting to see from the research that American imports such as the Oreo and Maryland Cookie have found their way into the top 20, even beating the Garibaldi and fig roll.

“Yet the British public clearly still hold the chocolate digestive close to their hearts, with the biscuit emerging as the clear winner of the poll.”

Do you agree with this list?

What biscuit would take your number one spot?


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