Dad builds very own bar and disco in his back garden during lockdown

Mark Ramon Walker

Club nights are just a thing of the past at the moment, but one family has made sure the party's still going on regardless.

A Cambridgeshire Dad has gone viral this week after re-creating a disco for his kids in their back garden during lockdown.

Mark Ramon Walker posted a video of his impressive handy work across various social media platforms on Wednesday and people are quite rightly singing his praises. According to his wife Laura, the "kids love it and he gets to be the door man", so it sounds like a cracking night all round to be fair.

The set up at 'Club Walkers' includes a bar, a dance floor at the end of the garden with colour-changing disco lights and comes complete with a few tunes blasting out too.

Wonder if they take song requests?

Busy at club Walkers for a Tuesday night

Posted by Mark Ramon Walker on Tuesday, 5 May 2020

How brilliant it this?

As well as being posted on Mark's TikTok and Facebook, the video was also shared with the more than one million members of the Family Lockdown Tips & Ideas Facebook group too. After amassing well over 16,000 interactions and hundreds of comments, it's safe to say that it's given people a bit of inspiration ahead of this Bank Holiday weekend.

We bet there's going to be a fair few socially-distant garden discos across the UK very soon.

Life amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has really flipped normality on its head for a lot of people, but if we look at it on a positive note, we've seen some ace creativity come out of all this madness. This is just another great example showing that lockdown can be loads of fun when you use a little imagination.

Can we come for a night a 'Club Walkers' when this is all over then?

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