Dad’s hilarious reaction to daughter thinking ‘Garden Fresh’ Oust is for freshening the garden

We all admit to making silly mistakes, or having something go over our head every now and then, don't we?

It happens to the best of us.

It's often not until we've said something out loud that we actually realise just how ridiculous it sounds, or as is the case with this hilarious air freshener blunder, until we text our Dad.

After Emma Louise Kingston posted screen shots of her cousin Danni's WhatsApp conversation about 'garden fresh' Oust air freshener with her Dad on Facebook, it's honestly no wonder it's gone viral.

It's just brilliant.

When Danni questioned her Father over whether or not he was aware that he had bought her an air freshener that was actually meant for the garden rather than the house, it all kicked off a bit, but in the best way possible.

In response to her question, her Dad went on a hilarious, but harmless rant saying: "Why on earth would anyone buy outdoor air freshener?"

"It's called garden fresh [because] that's the name of the smell."

"[The] same as fresh linen is the name of the smell. [The] same as Jasmine is the name of the smell."

"Doesn't mean you spray fresh linen on your clothes. Doesn't mean you spray Jasmine on someone called Jasmine."

"And [it] doesn't mean you spray garden fresh in your garden. It [just] smells of fresh flowers."

Emma Louise Kingston

Danni was sure to mention to her Dad that she had been using the Oust to freshen up her balcony area anyway, so yes, whilst that's not entirely what it's meant for, if that was her only use for it, then at least it wouldn't have completely gone to waste. It's better than nothing.

We all know someone like Danni, don't we?

If you don't, then you know how it goes - there's a good chance you're that someone like Danni, but hey, there's nothing wrong with that.

Danni, you've made our day!

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