Dogs 4 Rescue share heartwarming story of two former residents’ starring role in wedding

"Love has no borders".

Emily Sergeant Emily Sergeant - 18th June 2021

Greater Manchester’s leading dog rescue centre has shared a heartwarming success story of two of its former residents.

Dogs 4 Rescue – a semi-rural independent dog sanctuary based on Barton Moss Road – is known for its unique “cage free” approach to animal welfare, and carries out vital work across Greater Manchester to ensure all rescued dogs are socialised in a healthy, relaxed and happy foster home environment, while waiting for their forever families.

The centre has completely changed the lives of countless canines over the years, and has plenty of success stories.

It’s not just the lives of local dogs that Dogs 4 Rescue plays a part in, though. Owner Emma Billington is passionate about animal welfare right across the continent – and has also rescued many pups from other European countries over the years.

Many street dogs from Europe have had their lives transformed under Dogs 4 Rescue’s care – but there’s been no case quite as heartwarming as the story of two former residents’ recent role in their new owner’s wedding day.


Taking to Facebook to share the story, Dogs4Rescue said: “Many of you will remember the photo of [rescue dog] Lara in the pound in Spain.

“She’d been waiting for her chance for five whole years.


“Her transport to us was paid for by a legacy donation, so it is even more poignant to share these happy photos today. After adopting Lara a while back, and six re-arranged weddings later, Ashley and Johnny got to have their big day with Lara as flower girl and Dom as their page boy.

“Lara is loved beyond belief now and the look of love in these photos says it all.

“Page boy handsome Dom is also a D4R rescue.”


Dogs 4 Rescue then went on to congratulate the newlyweds and thank them once again “for making Lara feel safe and happy”.

“We get criticised a lot for rescuing from abroad but this is the reality of the alternative – a life of misery in a concrete cell.

“And that is why for us, love has no borders.”

How brilliant is this? We honestly cannot think of a more uplifting local story.

News of Lara and Dom’s roles in their owners’ wedding has understandably touched the hearts of thousands of people across Greater Manchester on Facebook.


The update comes after Dogs 4 Rescue successfully bought Clough Bottom Farm near Accrington; turning the land into a state-of-the-art rehabilitation facility for street dogs following several months of fundraising towards the latter end of 2020.

The not-for-profit company said the current Manchester site will continue to be used as a re-homing centre, while the new Accrington farm will be used to house dogs during rehabilitation in preparation for adoption.

Are you keen to help Dogs 4 Rescue continue its essential work across Greater Manchester? Please consider donating whatever you can via the website, and for large donations or offers of corporate support, you email Emma Billington at [email protected] or ring 07412361769.

More information can be found here.

You can also keep up to date with Dogs 4 Rescue day-to-day on social media – FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.


Featured Image – Rhi Scotchbrook:

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