Foodhub partners with Gigable to offer flexible delivery in response to COVID-19

One of the UK’s leading takeaway apps, Foodhub, has joined forces with software company Gigable to create new, flexible, cost-effective delivery options for restaurants.

The major partnership will allow Manchester food and drink venues to provide an efficient and essential distribution service without paying commission on each order.

Thanks to Foodhub and Gigable’s collaboration, restaurants can transform into a fast-operating food delivery service overnight; future-proofing their business in the event of future lockdowns and restrictions.

As well as benefitting businesses, the partnership will also prove cost-effective for customers due to the all-in-one ordering and delivery service.

Foodhub already has 150 takeaway partners in Manchester.

Unlike the traditional commission-based model implemented by other takeaway services, the app functions on a subscription model that enables restaurants to offer discounts and greater value directly to their customers.

On average, Foodhub orders are 15% cheaper than on rival platforms. 

Gigable is a revolutionary platform that connects businesses with freelancers – proving particularly popular with restaurants seeking delivery drivers. On Gigable, a restaurant can post the date or time they need a driver, along with the rate of pay. Anyone on Gigable’s community of verified drivers can choose to accept the gig on those terms.

Over 20,000 businesses and freelancers have now signed up to Gigable with more and more joining each day.


Philip Mostyn, Chief Operating Officer, Foodhub commented: “A multitude of businesses are feeling the outcome of the current crisis and restaurants in particular are facing a period of uncertainty. However, those that have thrived have been those that offer a delivery service.

“Our food ordering app, combined with Gigable’s delivery service will make for an effective, long-term partnership that will aid reaching new customers in new sectors while supporting our current takeaway restaurant partners.

“We pride ourselves on the non-commission-based model that we offer in order to support independent takeaway restaurants that will enable them to thrive in the current climate.”

Norma Mortenson / Pexels

Commenting on the partnership, John Ryan, Founder and CEO of Gigable said: ‘‘This is an opportunity for us to bring something new to thousands more businesses and freelancers across the UK.

“The uniqueness of Gigable is that it works well for both the business and the freelancer, with full transparency on rates of pay and working hours. You don’t get this with other platforms.

“The freelancer can trust that they are looked after, the restaurant can trust that they are getting someone dependable, and the customer can trust that they get a fast delivery from a company that treats its drivers well.”