Galaxy Cookie Crumble spread spotted on shelves in UK supermarket

It appears to be the first variation on the original Galaxy Chocolate Spread that's available in most UK supermarkets.

Emily Sergeant Emily Sergeant - 17th June 2020

A Galaxy Cookie Crumble chocolate spread has been spotted by eagle-eyed shoppers on shelves at B&M this week and people are already dying to try it out.

It appears to be the first variation on the original Galaxy Chocolate Spread that’s available in most supermarkets across the UK.

Galaxy Cookie Crumble is already a well-loved chocolate bar that’s described in the product description as “smooth and creamy Galaxy chocolate, with delicious pieces of chocolate crumble”, so you can just imagine how nice that would be as a chocolate spread, right?

It’s no wonder Galaxy fans are going mad for it.

The sighting of this new cookie crumble spread was shared on popular food-spotting Instagram account @newfoodsuk yesterday afternoon.


The spread is pictured on the shelves at B&M under a sign that does confirm it’s a ‘new’ product.

Since sharing yesterday evening, the post has already gone on to amass thousands of likes and hundreds of comments from people seeming very eager to try it out for themselves.


A post on the popular Money Savers Online Facebook page has also received hundreds of interactions, shares and comments, so it sounds like there’s going to be a bit of a mad dash to B&M if you want to try and get your hands on this.

It unfortunately hasn’t been confirmed which B&M store the Galaxy Cookie Crumble spread was spotted in, meaning that it’s probably going to be a case of keeping your fingers crossed that you can find it in your local branch.

Pricing of the product also wasn’t indicated, but we don’t reckon it’s likely to be a bank breaking purchase.

It’s advised that you always check the opening times of your local B&M branch before making any trips in store and you can do that via the store locator here.