Girl remembers amazing thing Noel Gallagher did for her during shift at Levi’s


A girl has recently gone viral on social media after sharing an anecdote of a good deed that Noel Gallagher once did for her whilst she was working at Levi’s.

Audrey Indome – most well-known for appearing on the popular current affairs podcast The Receipts Podcast – shared the amazing story on Twitter yesterday.

After being unable to hit her sales numbers for that month, which left her feeling upset and worried for any potential repercussions, Noel Gallagher showed his true Mancunian spirit by stepping in to lend a hand and purchasing multiple pairs of jeans so that she was able to reach her target.

It’s been described as a moment she’ll “never forget”.

Audrey – who goes by @ghanasfinestx on Twitter – wrote: “I remember when I worked in Levi’s at Selfridges, Noel Gallagher came in and asked why I looked sad,”

“I told him I hadn’t hit target and he bought 10 pairs of black 501’s,”

“I’ll never forget that.”

How brilliant is this?

Given the nature of the good deed, the tweet has understandably received a lot of attention since posting. It has gone on to amass tens of thousands of retweets, likes and comments, with many sharing their own similar celebrity experiences too.

Whilst this multi-purchase doesn’t particularly sound like a completely out of character thing for Noel to do, and we’d love to believe that it’s true, many people have however gone on to question whether or not the encounter did ever really take place.

It has also prompted other Twitter users to make up other stories in a similar vein to this, which we do have to admit are pretty funny.

Well then, all we can say is, if this story is true – nice one, Noel.

Doing Manchester proud once again.

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