Liam Gallagher just compared his brother to a Coronation Street star in hilarious Twitter reply

The Oasis front man has taken to Twitter once again to do what he does best.

Gail Platt's just been dragged into the Gallagher brothers' ongoing Twitter beef.

Look, it's not what we expected to wake up to either, but it's happened. Tweeting and of course, slagging off his older brother, seems to be all in an early morning's work for Liam at the moment during lockdown, but this one's got to have been his best crack at it in a long time.

At the ripe and early time of 5:09am, when the majority of the UK population is fast asleep in bed, is when Liam likes to do his best work apparently.

He initially tweeted this very appropriate tweet:

And was met with, as usual, a barrage of replies from fans.

When one Twitter user replied to the tweet with side-by-side childhood pictures of Liam and Noel asking: "who's cuter?", Liam gave us the reply we didn't know we needed until now. Have you ever stopped and considered how much Noel Gallagher resembles everyone's favourite Coronation Street star Gail Platt? No?

You will do after this:

The thing is, he's not wrong either is he? To be fair, it's going to be hard to unsee this comparison now.

As you can imagine, the hilarious tweet reply has gone down much better with fans than most other tweet replies usually do, having amassed well over 5000 retweets, likes and comments since posting, with many finally cottoning on to the uncanny likeness' as well.

Noel Gallagher hasn't responded to the comparisons as of yet and let's face it, he's just not going to is he?

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