Manchester has been named one of the most ‘caring’ cities in the UK

We love to see it.

Emily Sergeant Emily Sergeant - 16th April 2024

A new study has revealed the cities which are deemed to be the most ‘caring’ in the UK, and Manchester features proudly on the list.

Because of course it does.

In case you missed it, last week, our city was awarded the not-so-coveted title of the UK’s rudest city, which, it’s fair to say, definitely got Mancs talking, and had a lot of people in denial too, as they just couldn’t seem to wrap their heads around the bold claims.

But now, we’ve got a new title that brushes those claims of rudeness right under the carpet… and that’s because Manchester has also been named one of the most ‘caring’ cities in the UK.

Now, that sounds more like the Manchester we know and love, right?


From donating blood, to volunteering for charity and helping out with neighbourhood tasks, there’s so many ways to lend a hand and support your local community – but which UK cities are the best at this? Ultimately, which UK cities are the most caring? Well, in a bid to answer this question, the life insurance team over at Compare the Market has analysed 30 of the country’s most populated cities to determine which of them are the most ‘community-minded’.

Manchester has been named one of the most ‘caring’ cities in the UK / Credit: iStockPhoto

The research study has taken into account a wide range of factors – with everything from recycling habits, the amount of fly-tipping incidents, and crime levels, to the number of charities, blood drives, and community centres in each city considered.


Manchester has found itself firmly within the top five, claiming the third spot on the list, largely thanks to having the highest number of charities per 10,000 people of any location in the whole study (52), which equates to an impressive 2,063 in total – with 31 of these dedicated to animals.

Top 10 most ‘caring’ cities in the UK

  1. Leeds
  2. Bradford
  3. Manchester
  4. Milton Keynes
  5. Wolverhampton
  6. Reading
  7. Bristol
  8. Hull
  9. Cardiff
  10. Coventry

There’s also plenty of opportunities to give blood here in Manchester too, with nine blood donation centres dotted around the city, as well as 51 community centres for anyone looking for a supportive space, or for somewhere that might offer activities or volunteer projects to get involved with.

The North features heavily within the top 10, with the Yorkshire cities Bradford and Hull also finding themselves on the list, and the title of the UK’s most ‘caring’ city also being awarded to the ever-popular Yorkshire city of Leeds.


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What do we think to this then? Rudest city what? After all, we know us Mancs are a caring bunch… but it’s always nice to have a study prove it.

Keep being ace, Manchester.

Featured Image – Matthew Waring (via Unsplash)