Mancs can name an actual snake after their ex this Valentine’s Day

Bloody brilliant.

Emily Sergeant Emily Sergeant - 9th February 2024

Mancs are being given the chance to name an actual real life snake after their snakey ex this Valentine’s Day.

If you cast your mind back to a couple of years ago, you may remember their was a local waste disposal company giving bitter Greater Manchester residents the option to have their ex’s name printed on the front of a wheelie bin, and obviously, people thought it was absolutely hilarious.

But if a wheelie bin wasn’t quite enough for you, then how about a snake instead?

Valentine’s Day can be just as much about celebrating the loves in our lives, as it is a chance to reflect on all the bad eggs who’ve been and gone, and be glad they’re a firmly a thing of the past – and now, as bizarre as it may sound, SEA LIFE Manchester is putting is giving you an opportunity to put those thoughts into action.

That’s because, the marine life attraction is letting disgruntled lovers and broken-hearted singles name one of its corn snakes after a not-so-special someone.


SEA LIFE Manchester is home to three female and two male corn snakes, which means everyone can get involved with the naming activity, and make sure their ex is… hiss-tory, if you will.

Mancs can name a snake at SEA LIFE Manchester after their ex this Valentine’s Day / Credit: SEA LIFE Manchester

One of the most popular species to own as pets in the UK, and typically docile creatures – which some might say is a fitting feature of their ex – corn snakes have a lifespan of around 10-15 years, and while this sadly means they are often abandoned or handed over to rescue centres, it does also mean that you’ll be able to visit your newly-named snake for years to come. 


All five of SEA LIFE Manchester’s corn snakes have either been rescued by the RSPCA, or donated by those unable to look after them anymore, and the attraction says it’s “proud” to have been able to offer these slippery serpents their forever home, even if they will now be named after estranged exes.

“Valentine’s Day is one of the most miserable days for singletons,” admitted Jenn McDonough, who is the General Manager at SEA LIFE Manchester, “So we’re giving people who are unlucky in love a new reason to celebrate by naming their former lovers after snakes. 

“If you want to heal your heartbreak or release some unresolved anger, then now is the perfect time to get revenge.”


Fancy it then? To be considered for a the chance to name a hissing reptile and cement your ex’s sneaky status, then all you’ll need to do is head on over to the SEA LIFE Manchester website and simply submit the name of your former snakey partner.

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The five winners will be selected at random by SEA LIFE Manchester staff, with the most popular names set to be released on the attraction’s social media platform soon.

Find out more, and submit your ex’s name here.

Featured Image – SEA LIFE Manchester