New offers have appeared in the Aldi Specialbuys and Middle of Lidl aisles this week

There's more than a few banging bargains up for grabs in the middle aisles at the budget supermarkets later this week.

The Manc The Manc - 29th July 2020
David Clark / Geograph

The middle aisles in budget supermarkets are strange little places. For every piece of useless tat in there, there’s always a corker of a bargain.

No matter how hectic Aldi and Lidl get, you can never resist slinking into the centre of the store and glancing at what’s on sale in the bargain bin. You’re guaranteed to find something new during almost every visit.

One day, these aisles are full of towels and pyjamas. The next, there’s stuff you’d expect to find inside a shed.

But this week looks particularly promising. Here are some of the top picks.

Paul Harrop / Geograph

From Thursday (July 30) Lidl is offering a wide range of low-cost items in various categories – including kitchen essentials, summer products, plants, and, er, recycled plastic trainers.


Some lovely-looking chopping boards and cooking dishes are available for less than four quid, whilst there’s also a handy-sounding slicer and dicer and food storage containers both going on sale for under a tenner.

A jungle-themed paddling pool that’s guaranteed to keep the kids happy in summer is going for £29.99, along with a fun-filled waterslide for £7.99


There’s also some new summer clothes available.

View the full range here.

Ernesto Chopping Board / Lidl
Playtive Junior Kids’ Adventure Paddling Pool / Lidl
Esmara Ladies’ Beach Cover-Up / Lidl

Over at Aldi, meanwhile, the focus is on their ‘Baby and Toddler’ range, with the store pushing a variety of products for youngsters from Thursday (30 July) for lower prices.


These include a cute wooden rocking donkey for £34.99, an adorable basket and stand for less than £30 (which appears to be flying off the shelves at rapid speed), and a baby changing backpack for £17.99.

In the general discounts section, there’s clothing, pet blankets, and even some Manchester City PJs!

Little Town Wooden Rocking Donkey / Aldi
Mamia Baby Changing Backpack / Aldi
Mamia Rainbow Moses Basket & Stand / Aldi
Manchester City Children’s Pyjamas / Aldi

You can view their full range over on the Aldi website.

Happy bargain hunting!