New study reveals the weirdest food combinations that people seem to love

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We’ve all got that weird friend who mixes two irreconcilable ingredients together and has the audacity to call it ‘delicious’.

Personally, I’ve seen people stick an orange slice between two Pringles and even sprinkle an Oxo cube on cereal.

But a new study has shown that people who dare to deviate from the classic collocations of British cuisine might not be in the minority after all.

A survey performed by Ocado and Marks and Spencer has found that eight in 10 Brits have a weird concoction they enjoy tucking into from time to time.

And now the full list has been published.

According to the survey, the list of top weird food combos is as follows. Could you get on board with some of these?

  1. Mixing mayonnaise and ketchup together
  2. Cheddar cheese and apple
  3. Salt and porridge
  4. Pasta and ketchup
  5. Pizza and tuna
  6. Milkshake and fries
  7. Sugar sandwiches
  8. Prosciutto and melon
  9. Chocolate and crisps
  10. Banana and sugar sandwiches
  11. Ham marinated and cooked in cola
  12. Strawberry and basil
  13. French fries and pickles
  14. Strawberries and balsamic vinegar
  15. Watermelon and feta
  16. Baked beans and rice
  17. Butter and sugar sandwiches
  18. Dipping toast into tea
  19. Ketchup and rice
  20. Salad cream and sausages
  21. Dry, buttered Weetabix
  22. Tuna with salt & vinegar crisps
  23. Cold baked beans in a salad
  24. Mango and chili powder
  25. Pot noodle on toast
  26. Cheese and strawberry jam sandwiches
  27. Yorkshire pudding with sugar
  28. Ice cream and fries
  29. Honey and pizza
  30. Cold Brussels sprouts and gravy
  31. Mayonnaise on toast
  32. Crisps and brown sauce
  33. Watermelon and salt
  34. Pasta sandwiches
  35. Blueberries and steak
  36. Salami with grapes
  37. Tea and coffee in the same cup
  38. Banana and bacon
  39. Chicken and marmalade
  40. Mince pies topped with cheese
  41. Lettuce in a sugar and vinegar dressing
  42. Banana bread with cheddar cheese
  43. Melted chocolate on a cheese pizza
  44. Apple and bacon on toast
  45. Hot dogs and jam
  46. Peanut butter and burger
  47. Ketchup on popcorn
  48. Chocolate and avocado
  49. Chips covered in chocolate/honey
  50. Fish fingers and custard

Lisa McDowell, Head of Brand Marketing at Ocado defended the peculiar combos, stating: “Clearly we all have our own tastes and preferences, so if you’ve found a food combo you love, stick with it!”

When it comes to scran, I suppose it’s a case of whatever your floats your boat.

But hot dogs and jam? Surely not.


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