People are going mad for this viral McDonald’s milkshake espresso hack

McDonald’s UK

A woman has gone viral online this week after sharing a surprisingly simple hack for creating your own “frappuccino” at McDonald’s.

Iced coffee fans are going to want to take notice of this one.

There seems to be that many McDonald’s menu hacks floating around out there at the moment, that it can be tricky to figure out which ones are worth taking advantage of, but given the fact that this one has racked up over 285k views and counting, it’s probably a good sign.

Whilst the McDonald’s UK menu does already have a range of iced coffees and coffee frappes to choose from, they do tend to be seasonal offerings and aren’t available all year round, so this is where TikTok user @ellbrxo’s hack could come in handy.

It’s also said to be slightly cheaper too.

Revealing the hack in a short instructional clip to the ever-popular video sharing platform, with the caption “thank us later”, El is seen pouring a shot of espresso coffee into a McDonald’s vanilla milkshake, before mixing together.

She explains in the video: “This is vanilla milkshake from McDonald’s and an espresso shot – you whack it in, and then you mix it.

“The smell of that, smells like Costa

“Then you start mixing together. When you have a normal McDonald’s milkshake anyway it’s well lumpy, but this makes it a bit more juicy.

“And then voila – Frappuccino thing”.

The hack seems to have had quite the impact on the British public as well, amassing hundreds of comments from others indicating that they are keen to try it out for themselves, and one comment by a McDonald’s staff member even reads: “I work there and I do this all the time”, so you know it’s worth it.

Fancy giving it a go then?

Just head down to your local McDonald’s and order a milkshake of your choice (£1.69 for regular or £1.99 for large) and a then double espresso shot (99p), and you’re good to go.

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