Pub group launches ‘bottomless crunch’ menu where you can eat unlimited crisps

I would destroy this.

Daisy Jackson Daisy Jackson - 1st July 2024

Do you ever get to the bottom of your packet of crisps and think ‘yep, could smash another one of them’?

Because if so, this new bottomless crisps menu is going to be the one for you.

A UK pub group has just launched a Bottomless Crunch offering, where you can stuff your face with as many crisps as you can manage in a 90 minute window.

There’ll be helpings of Walkers crisps dished out for just £5, perfectly pairing with basically any pint you fancy.

Is there truly any British tradition more sacred than opening a bag of crisps all the way to share on a pub table with your mates?


If you’re in the pub in group, it’s just £12 for a table of four to enjoy the gastronomic delights of a bag of the world’s greatest snacks.

The Bottomless Crunch menu has been launched by Craft Union Pubs, which has boozers all over the UK.


In Manchester alone, that includes the White Lion on Liverpool Road, the iconic Unicorn in the Northern Quarter, and the Turing Tap.

The pub group also has watering holes out in Levenshulme, Droylsden, Didsbury, Prestwich, and even further afield.

Pub group launches 'bottomless crunch' menu where you can eat unlimited crisps
Pub group launches ‘bottomless crunch’ menu where you can eat unlimited crisps

After a video of one of the participating pubs went viral on TikTok, people have been weighing in with just how many crisps they reckon they could neck in a 90 minute window.


One person said: “Say no more, I could eat like 100 bags in 90 mins.”

Another commented: “I’d do some damage at bottomless crisps.”

And someone else said: “Oh yay there’s a Craft Union a mile away from me… that’s my Friday night plans sorted.”


NGL I would put them out of business. Love me a crisp #british #walkers @Walkers Crisps #bottomlessbrunch

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Sharing the new offer on Instagram, Craft Union Pubs wrote: “You’ve heard of Bottomless Brunch but how about the Bottomless Crunch?!

“Head to your local and fuel up this Euros season with bottomless Walkers crisps for 90 minutes!! Take part for just £5 per person or £12 for a table of 4 !!


“How many packets do you think you could get through?!”

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Featured image: The Manc Group