One Direction star Louis Tomlinson hailed Glastonbury ‘god’ after bringing TV for fans to watch England game

"You are the god of this festival."

Emily Sergeant Emily Sergeant - 1st July 2024

Louis Tomlinson has been hailed the “god of Glastonbury” after bringing a TV into the festival so fans could watch the England game.

In case you missed it, England took it right to the wire but (somehow) managed to book a coveted place in the Quarter Finals of UEFA Euro 2024 last night after beating Slovakia 2-1 in extra time, thanks to two very late goals from Jude Bellingham and captain Harry Kane, despite it being another particularly poor performance overall.

But for those who were camped out in the fields of Worthy Farm at this year’s Glastonbury festival, the chance to catch all the sporting action unfold could have passed them by.

While Glastonbury has been known to screen the football in other years in the past, this wasn’t the case for 2024, as officials had announced earlier in the week that the match would not be shown at this year’s festival due to clashes with performances on the major stages.

This left many festival-going England fans with the dilemma of having to decide to either watch their favourite music artists, or support Gareth Southgate’s men in European football’s flagship tournament instead on Sunday night, and One Direction star – and famously a massive football fan – Louis Tomlinson was one to have found himself in this predicament.


However, he hatched a plan… and it was this very plan that saw him hailed a “hero” and the “god of Glastonbury” by hundreds of others at the festival.

The 32-year-old Doncaster-born singer – known for being one-fifth of boyband One Direction, turned solo artist – was one of the approximately 210,000 people who attended this year’s Glastonbury festival, but after he found out that he wouldn’t be able to watch England’s Round of 16 match, he decided to head to the nearest Argos earlier that morning and buy a big flat-screen TV and a generator, so he could stream it using WiFi.


Judging by all the pictures and videos shared on social media, and the TikTok posted by his little sister, Lottie – which has already amassed 650,000 views and counting – it looks like dozens of campers got wind of his plan, and all gathered together around the TV screen in the field to watch the drama live.

Louis, his sister, and their other friends and family who attended the festival with them, wheeled the TV into the campsite and set it up on a little stand using plastic buckets filled with stones.

Tomlinson told the BBC’s Culture and Media Editor, Katie Razzal, that it was pretty “touch and go” with at times with the signal of the live stream, but they made it work and were able to see England clinch that last-minute victory.


“It was a little… well, we brought a TV in,” Tomlinson told the BBC.

“Very Glasto, in some stones and a little stand. It was a little bit touch and go at times, because the signal kept going in and out, but yeah, luckily we got the win.

“We pulled it off. Made up, made up.”

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The Three Lions will now face Switzerland in Quarter Finals of the Euros this Saturday at 5pm in Dusseldorf.

Featured Image – BBC