Remembering the best ever video game soundtracks

The Manc The Manc - 15th February 2021

Music is adored throughout the world and lends itself to an array of different entertainment options, be it film and television, but also video game soundtracks.

A variety of creations are remembered purely for the soundtrack or some of the music featured throughout a show or a television series. The same applies to video games, with numerous iconic soundtracks recorded over the years. 

Video game music can play its part in the success or failure of a video game. Back in the day, computer games had limited audio ability, with most games offering the odd strange noise or weird beeping sound.

Now, whether you’re playing the Nintendo Switch or visiting the home of the best casino games in the UK –, games are filled with an array of sound effects and theme music which helps elevate the all-round gaming experience dramatically. Soundtracks for games have certainly evolved over the last few decades. Some video game soundtracks are memorable, while others aren’t. 

With several iconic video game soundtracks over the years, here’s a look back at some of the most memorable tracks. 


Streets Of Rage 2

The Streets of Rage games are truly iconic in their own right, but so too is the soundtrack behind the games. Available on the Sega Genesis, the soundtrack for Streets Of Rage 2 features techno and breakbeat-influenced compositions from Yuzo Koshiro, which truly serves as the perfect accompaniment to what is a classic game. When people think of Streets of Rage 2, the soundtrack certainly springs to mind also. 



Another classic game with a dedicated and loyal community of followers, the music in Doom isn’t bad either, although we aren’t sure if it would make this 75-year-old DJ’s playlist. Robert Prince’s soundtrack for Doom is said to have shaped video game soundtracks of the future. The heavy metal and punk styled track went beautifully well with the chaos of Doom and helped give the game the additional aggression and rage that was needed. Without the soundtrack, Doom wouldn’t be the same. 

The Last Of Us


Released in 2013 on the PS3, The Last Of Us was a post-apocalyptic zombie classic, featuring a soundtrack that took to it to an even higher level. Thanks to composer Gustavo Santaolalla, the game’s mood and emotional developments go perfectly with the subtle yet highly effective musical subtlety in this truly memorable game. 

Silent Hill

You can tell composer Akira Yamaoka was clearly a huge fan of British electro-pop and German industrial music if you’ve ever played Silent Hill. The survival horror was a truly epic game to play at the time of its release in 1999, with the music being a key cog in the game’s horrifying and spooky wheel. It’s a brilliant game with a stunning soundtrack. 

Final Fantasy VI

The Final Fantasy franchise has a dedicated and loyal following after registering tremendous success since its inception. The music on the games has been well received too, with the soundtrack for Final Fantasy VI regarded as being one of the best. The music throughout is fantastic in truth, with opera classics and dramatic beats as you fight bosses, all contributing towards what is a memorable game. 



Journey is the first-ever video game to have its soundtrack nominated for a Grammy Award so that we couldn’t leave it out really, could we? Composed by Austin Wintory, the music in Journey perfectly matches the game as players immerse themselves in a truly unique gaming experience. The music actually took three years to be made too, which sums up just how much importance was placed on it.