Someone dressed as Spider-Man is cheering up kids in isolation in Stockport

Stockport Spider-Men

With great power comes great responsibility and someone in Stockport is taking that very seriously.

Someone dressed as Spider-Man has been spotted cheering up local children in isolation across Stockport over the last few days and it's the news we've all been waiting to hear.

Shared on Twitter this morning by Helen Pidd, a photo of the 'Stocky Spidey' on his rounds has got a lot of people talking and a lot of people very, very excited.

According to Helen, this local hero can be spotted for one hour each day when he takes his daily government-sanctioned exercise and he does visit requests too.

This isn't the first time Spidey has been spotted in the Greater Manchester borough either. In fact, the 'Stockport Spider-Men' is very much a thing and there's even a Facebook page dedicated especially to sightings of the superhero.

Basically, the Stockport Spider-Man is a pretty big deal and we're here for it.

According to the page description, the Stockport Spider-Man is actually "two friends who together are taking to the streets to put smiles on faces of their local communities".

Spidey encourages local residents to "have your little ones draw up a Spidey drawing saying 'Spidey stop here' and hang it in your window" so that he knows exactly where to stop and save the day.

The page does crucially state that "Spider-Man follows strict government guidelines when out and about and always keeps social distancing in place" and also confirms that "Spidey will try his hardest to get out as far and as wide as possible within reason but if he cant, he will do videos for all the kiddies who don't get a chance to see him".

It does strongly advise residents to "stay home" as per government regulations too.

How brilliant is this? We think every borough should have its very own Spidey, especially during times like these.

Right, so who's volunteering then? Anyone know any Peter Parkers?

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