The dog breeds with the longest and shortest life expectancy in the UK have been revealed

The Royal Veterinary College's study is an analysis based on a random sample of 30,563 dogs from 18 different breeds and crossbreeds.

Emily Sergeant Emily Sergeant - 29th April 2022

A new research study has revealed which dog breeds have the longest and shortest life expectancy in the UK.

According to the research – which has been conducted by the Royal Veterinary College, and is an analysis based on a random sample of 30,563 dogs from 18 different breeds and crossbreeds that died between 1 January 2016 and 31 July 2020 – Jack Russell Terriers have been found to live longer than any other breed, while French Bulldogs have the lowest life expectancy.

Jack Russell Terriers had the greatest life expectancy at 12.7 years, which was closely followed by Yorkshire Terriers at 12.5 years, and Border Collies at 12.1 years.

Springer Spaniels are next at 11.9 years, and crossbred rounds out the top five with 11.8 years.

On the flip side, four flat-faced dog breeds were found to have the shortest life expectancy in the UK, with French Bulldogs expected to live only 4.5 years, followed by English Bulldogs at 7.4 years, Pugs at 7.65 years, and American Bulldogs at 7.8 years.


As well as the differences in breed, the new research also found that there was a difference between the life expectancies of male and female dogs – with males living four months less on average.

And in both male and female dogs, neutered dogs were found to have a longer life expectancy than their non-neutered counterparts.


Life expectancy was previously calculated using only the average age of death of dogs overall or for a particular breed, but researchers at the Royal Veterinary College say that this latest study is the most accurate data, as they used life tables to allow owners to estimate accurately how much longer their pet dog may live.

Life tables are tools that list the remaining life expectancy and probability of death across a range of age groups in any given population.

Speaking on the findings of the study, Dr Dan O’Neil – Associate Professor in Companion Animal Epidemiology at the Royal Veterinary College, and co-author of the paper – said: “Dogs have helped so many humans get through loneliness and isolation of the COVID pandemic.


“These new VetCompass Life tables enable owners to now estimate how much longer they can benefit from these dogs.”

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Dr Justine Shotton, President at the British Veterinary Association – also added that the lower life expectancy of some of the flat-faced breeds that appeared at the bottom end of the list, may encourage people to consider “health over looks”.

The study has been carried out by the Royal Veterinary College / Credit: Wolfgang Franzen (via Flickr)

Life Expectancy of Dog Breeds in the UK 2022

  • Jack Russell Terrier – 12.72 years
  • Yorkshire Terrier – 12.54 years
  • Border Collie – 12.10 years
  • Springer Spaniel – 11.92 years
  • Crossbred – 11.82 years
  • Labrador Retriever – 11.77 years
  • Staffordshire Bull Terrier – 11.33 years
  • Cocker Spaniel – 11.31 years
  • Shih-tzu – 11.05 years
  • Cavalier King Charles Spaniel – 10.45 years
  • German Shepherd – 10.16 years
  • Boxer – 10.04 years
  • Beagle – 9.85 years
  • Husky – 9.53 years
  • Chihuahua – 7.91 years
  • American Bulldog – 7.79 years
  • Pug – 7.65 years
  • English Bulldog – 7.39 years
  • French Bulldog – 4.53 years

Featured Image – Alvan Nee