The “hottest peanuts in the world” are now available to buy online

Some of us love a challenge when it comes to spicy food.

Are you the kind of person who can swallow hot wings by the bucketload, polish off a vindaloo without breaking a sweat, or comfortably chow down a scotch bonnet like a stick of gum?

If so, here’s another test for you: Snacks from the underworld.

Menacingly-titled “Peanuts From Hell”, these nuts have been described in not-so-subtle terms on the Prezzybox website as being “beyond hot!” and “hell in your mouth!”.

They’re also advertised as being “the hottest peanuts in the world”.

Arriving in a 206g tub at the price of £7.99 – these peanuts are dry roasted in a special mix of spices and peppers including (habanero), adding a fiery kick.

Apparently, even a single peanut packs a big enough punch to leave you panting in your desk chair.

They also come with a warning to wash your hands and avoid rubbing your eyes after eating. But we’re all in the habit of doing that nowadays anyway, even after nibbling on something as mild and bland as a stick of celery.

If you reckon you’re up for sampling some peanuts roasted in the gates of hell, or know someone who might, head over to Prezzybox to bag a jar of these devilish snacks.

God speed.

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