The keys to a brand-new car have been buried somewhere in the UK – and if you find them, it’s yours

Emily Sergeant Emily Sergeant - 10th October 2022

The keys to a brand-new car worth an impressive £12,000 have been buried somewhere in the UK, and if you’re the one to find them, then it’s all yours.

With the rising cost of living crisis continuing to make its impact felt across the UK, and the price of petrol and car maintenance sadly creating a financial barrier for many that need to travel to work or various appointments, one company is aiming to take the “sizeable upfront expense out of the equation” for one lucky driver.

Scrap Car Comparison wants to front the cost of the car itself.

To do this, the online price comparison platform has decided to bury the keys to a brand-new Fiat 500 car that retails for around £12,000 underground in an undisclosed location in the UK, and all people need to do is find where the keys are hidden and be the first to dig them up.

A nationwide treasure hunt is open to drivers up and down the country, and clues to the location of the keys will go live at 9am on Tuesday 18 October.


The clues will refer to a unique combination of three words, which means that anyone who fancies taking part in the treasure hunt just needs to be able to decipher each hint to pinpoint the exact location of the keys.

To do this, you’ll need to use the popular what3words app.


Then, if you manage to crack the code, in true treasure hunt style, the first person to claim the keys will get to drive away in their new motor.

The car up for grabs is a brand-new petrol-powered Fiat 500, which is worth over £12,000.

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Scrap Car Comparison says the Fiat 500 was chosen for the competition thanks to its ease of use for drivers both young and old, as well its highly-rated reliability, fuel economy, and suitability for both inner-city and motorway drives.

The keys to a brand-new car worth an impressive £12,000 have been buried somewhere in the UK / Credit: Flickr

“We found that over a fifth of drivers are feeling stressed about car costs every single week, but in a society where owning a car can be essential for so many, this stress can be inescapable,” explained Dan Gick – Managing Director of Scrap Car Comparison.

“It goes without saying that one of the biggest costs when it comes to car ownership is paying for the car itself, and we come across many people that have had to scrap their car for various reasons.

“But are left finding it difficult to get a wallet-friendly replacement that won’t break down on them, so with all of this in mind, we wanted to give someone the chance to become the owner of a brand new, and importantly, reliable car – for absolutely free.

“We also felt the treasure hunt was the perfect way to do this, as it should give people some fun, in these not-so enjoyable times.”

You can find out more information about the competition here.

Featured Image – Artem (via Unsplash)