The University of Manchester releases a ‘Manc Dictionary’ for new students ahead of freshers week

The University of Manchester

Manchester is set to welcome around 80,000 new and returning students to the city over the next couple of weeks as the new term begins.

Each university in the city has quite rightly been working hard in recent weeks to ensure that campuses and facilities are as COVID-safe as possible for both staff and students arriving to the institutions, and while there’s no denying that is the number one priority, one university is making sure to prepare for something else that’s pretty important too.

As Mancunians, it’s safe to say we’re pretty proud of our lingo, right?

For anyone visiting or living in our city, it’s a good idea to study up on the words and phrases commonly used around town, and this is probably why The University of Manchester has decided to release a ‘Manc Dictionary’ for those new to the area.

The ‘Manc Dictionary’ comprises a collection of 19 of the most-used words by Mancunians.

Ahead of moving weekend, we thought you should learn some of our Manc lingo!Do you have any more Mancunianisms to add?

Posted by The University of Manchester on Thursday, 17 September 2020

Featuring on the list of ‘Mancisms’ is of course mint, r kid, mither, bobbins, ginnel, skriking and more, as well as a couple of Mancunian rhyming slang words like Salfords – meaning socks and rhyming with Salford Docks – and Newtons – meaning teeth and rhyming with Newton Heath – which are all commonly used in day-to-day conversations.

The university also then invited contributions from members of the local community to chip in any other words and phrases they believe newcomers to the city should add to their repertoire.

What’s your favourite ‘Mancism’ on the list? Which one do find yourself using most?

Would you add any others?

You can stick in any additional contributions to the dictionary for The University of Manchester’s new students on social media here.

Speaking ahead of freshers week coming up, Sir Richard Leese – Leader of Manchester City Council – said: “We are used to welcoming an influx of students but obviously this year is like no other. 

“A great deal of planning has gone into ensuring that the return of students to Manchester is as COVID-secure as possible and that they can have a great experience in our city without putting themselves or others at risk. 

“In particular I want to commend the universities, who have done some brilliant work around communications with students and their own on campus arrangements. They have engaged really constructively with wider planning around off campus elements. They have also shown leadership by making clear to students that while everything is in place for them to learn and enjoy themselves safely, any irresponsible behaviour which flouts COVID-19 restrictions, such as holding house parties while restrictions are in force, will not be tolerated and could have disciplinary consequences.”

You can find more information via the Manchester City Council website here.

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