There’s a new Vimto Cheesecake hitting the shelves at Iceland next month

The Vimto Cheesecake will be exclusive to Iceland stores across the country in just a few weeks time.

Emily Sergeant Emily Sergeant - 21st July 2021

Iceland is expanding its already-impressive offering of frozen desserts next month with a brand new Vimto Cheesecake.

The iconic Vimto cordial – which contains the juice of grapes, raspberries and blackcurrants flavoured with a selection of delicately-balanced herbs and spices – was born right here in the city of Manchester all the way back in 1908, and has been much-loved by Mancunians ever since.

We love it so much that we’ve even got a unique monument dedicated to the stuff on the site where the drink was originally created.

So it’s probably not a shock that news of the new cheesecake inspired by the classic drink has caught the attention of foodies and seems to be going down rather well on social media this week.

The new cheesecake has been shared online by popular food-spotting Instagram pages @NewFoodsUK, @johnssnackreviews and @UKSnackAttack as well as by other community pages on Facebook, with each post racking up thousands of interactions and comments from eager dessert lovers.


Although we know it’s hitting the shelves soon, not much is known about it.

While Vimto fans await more information from the frozen supermarket chain, judging by the picture of the new dessert shared online, the Vimto Cheesecake looks to have a layer of fruit coulis slathered on top of a decedent cream cheese filling and biscuit base.


Plenty of people on social media seem keen to give it a try, while others shared their confusion.

One person commented: “Not sure on this just yet. I love Vimto but mixed with cheesecake and to me it doesn’t sound nice, however, could be wrong. I’ll know I’ll end up buying it when it comes out just to see what it’s like though.”

“Looks good, hope the taste matches.” another added.


According to John’s Snack Reviews and New Foods UK, the Vimto Cheesecake will be exclusive to Iceland and Food Warehouse stores across the country, and is thought to be available to get your hands on from Monday 9 August – although this date is currently unconfirmed.

If you are planning on heading to your nearest Iceland branch to see if you can get your hands on this sweet treat next month, then you can check the opening times via the Store Finder here.

Featured Image & Thumbnail – Instagram (@NewFoodsUK)