This Manchester eyewear company is launching a range of sunglasses for dogs

Arlo Wolf

A Manchester-based eyewear company has been causing a bit of a stir online recently after it announced the launch of a new range of sunglasses especially for dogs.

No, we’re not pulling your leg here.

Arlo Wolf – an online eyewear company based in the Manchester suburb of Whalley Range that specialises in stylish and affordable glasses and a free ‘try before you buy’ service – is launching a quirky new range of shades to “protect your pooch’s eyes”.

The Sunglasses For Dogs range has rather fittingly been named the #ArloWoof collection.

Why launch a sunglasses for dogs range though? Do dogs even need sunglasses?

According to the Arlo Wolf website: “Just like us humans, our pups spend lots of time exploring the great outdoors [and] whether they’re chasing squirrels, fetching oversized sticks or just lounging around in the garden, [they] certainly lead a busy life.

“Dogs have a much shorter lifespan than humans and therefore don’t develop UV damage in the same way we do, however, sunglasses for dogs can certainly prevent your dog squinting while protecting their eyes from exposure to dirt.

“Plus, they’re a great fashion accessory.”

Arlo Wolf

The custom-made collection of sunglasses – which have been branded “the must-have fashion accessory for your dog” however big or small – features three classic designs.

Axel, which is ideal for dogs with round face shapes, like Cockapoos and Pugs, Reign, which is “just as bright and bold as your dog’s personality” and is ideal for triangle face shapes, like Huskies and Whippets, and Brees, which is “a real showstopper whatever the season” and is ideal for oval face shapes, like Border Collies and Golden Retrievers.

This is the latest innovative concept that Arlo Wolf has launched this year and comes after the company began distributing free blue light filtering lenses to NHS workers as a “thank you” for their service during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

The #ArloWoof Sunglasses For Dogs range is due to land very soon.

For more information on the collection and to take a sneak peek at some of the designs ahead of their release, visit the Arlo Wolf website here.

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