Two bears and a garden in Stockport go viral for all the right reasons

Adam Harrison

Stockport's got lockdown covered.

Unnamed residents of a street in Stockport have been spotted putting some large teddy bears out in their front garden doing a variety of lockdown friendly activities and as you can imagine, it's gone pretty viral.

Shared in a tweet yesterday, Adam Harrison posted some pictures claiming that his neighbours "put these bears out each day, doing a different activity every time". It's got a lot of people talking and it's not hard to see why.

The tweet has amassed hundreds of thousands of retweets, likes and comments in just under 24 hours since posting and it's truly putting Greater Manchester on the map for the right reasons.

In his tweet, Adam says that the bears are "all he is living for currently" and we'd have to agree.

If there's one thing we're learning here, it's that Stockport is doing this whole isolation and UK lockdown thing very right. First the 'Stockport Spidey' and now the bears. We've got to come together as a community to find light during these dark times and SK is the perfect example of how to do this.

There's a lot of news to keep on top of right now, but if there's any news we're particularly invested in, then it's this news.

What will the bears be doing tomorrow then?

Having a brew and a biccy? Doing a spot of knitting, or a crossword perhaps? Arguing over what to watch next on Netflix like the rest of the population? All will be revealed and frankly, we can't wait.

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