Vegans to protest against ‘exploitative’ dairy industry in Manchester tomorrow

Campaigners will be taking a stand in over 100 towns and cities across the UK.

Emily Sergeant Emily Sergeant - 26th January 2024

Vegans are set to stage protests against the “exploitative” dairy industry in Manchester city centre this weekend.

Organised by one of the UK’s leading vegan charities, Viva!, this Saturday is one of several ‘Days of Action’ that take place throughout the year, and it’ll see activists assemble on high streets in dozens of major cities and towns nationwide in an attempt to “educate members of the public about the modern dairy industry”.

They’ll also be encouraging people to opt for plant-based milk alternatives where possible, and sharing the benefits of switching to them.

Protests will be taking place in over 100 towns and cities across the UK – including here in Manchester.

Campaigners will be taking a stand outside Boots on Market Street in Manchester city centre this Saturday 27 January from 1-4pm to hand out leaflets, hold placards, and have “friendly open conversations” with people about why they should consider becoming vegan.

Vegans to protest against the ‘exploitative’ dairy industry in Manchester tomorrow / Credit: Silvia Paten-Bonehill (via Viva!)

Viva! says its ‘Days of Action’ were set up after the charity conducted a recent undercover investigation into Home Farm – a Red Tractor-approved dairy farm that supplies milk to Freshways, which in turn, supplies milk to Costa Coffee.  

The charity says it found cows at Home Farm that were emaciated, lame, and struggling to walk, while others were manhandled, slapped, and shoved, and some were even visibly-injured or in shackles.


But despite the shocking revelations from the investigation, and what Viva! has called a “mountain of evidence indicating breaches of animal welfare laws”, Home Farm is continuing to deny any wrongdoing, according to the charity, and Red Tractor claims that Home Farm abides by their standards.

“After seeing first-hand the despicable conditions that these poor cows and calves are being kept in at Home Farm, I knew Viva! had to act,” said Viva!’s founder and director Juliet Gellatley ahead of Saturday’s protests in Manchester.

“It was heart-rending to see these gentle curious animals being treated so badly, so that’s why we’re taking to the streets to educate the public on what the dairy industry is really like.


“We’ll be having frank and positive conversations with people about where their food comes from, as well as giving out vegan samples to show that they do not need to rely on this cruel and exploitative industry, or compromise on taste.”

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Viva!’s Day of Action in Manchester is taking place outside Boots on Market Street on Saturday 27 January from 1-4pm.

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Featured Image – Silvia Paten-Bonehill (via Viva!)