Video of driver ‘deliberately’ steering into puddle to splash boy goes viral

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A video of a vehicle ‘deliberately’ swerving into a roadside puddle to splash a young lad walking on the pavement is causing a stir on social media.

The footage – recorded by a dash cam – shows a Volkswagen Golf suddenly veering off towards the kerb and go crashing through a pool of muddy water; soaking a boy stood nearby.

After leaving the pedestrian drenched, the person behind the wheel then steers back into the road and continues driving normally.

Kennedy News and Media

The seemingly unprovoked incident took place in Wigan – and has left viewers astonished.

Some have been calling for the driver of the Golf to be convicted, whereas others have expressed their concern for the boy who was dunked in dirty water.

The person who captured the event on camera labelled the Golf driver an ‘idiot‘.

It is a motoring offence for drivers to purposely splash pedestrians – with fines ranging from £100 all the way up to £5,000.

Culprits can also receive points on their license if found guilty.

Watch the video here.

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