Walkers just confirmed that Monster Munch crisps are not actually monsters


It’s been a long-debated question by snackers and crisps fans alike, but Walkers has just confirmed what right-minded people have been saying all along.

The classic Monster Munch shapes are, in fact, claws and not monsters.

The crisp manufacturer made the confirmation after launching a tongue-in-cheek campaign last month following the debate around whether the shapes were claws or monsters, and decided to flog limited-edition ‘monster’, shapes alongside the old ‘claw’ ones just to make matters a little more interesting.

The snacks inside the bags though were of course identical to each other.

Walkers also shared a poll on Twitter asking the public for their favourite shape of Monster Munch – claw or monster – and it went on to cause a lively debate, with one crisp lover even threatening to boycott the monster shapes in favour of the claws.

A whopping 60,489 votes were cast, with an overwhelming 74% voting in favour of the claw shape.

So, were you right then?

This Monster Munch confirmation is the latest revelation in a long line of recent food discoveries and comes after McVities declared the correct way to eat a Jaffa Cake last week, which left many questioning whether they’ve been eating them wrong their entire lives.

We’re not sure how many more shocking food facts we can take at this rate.

Speaking on the claw vs monster debate, Will Robinson – spokesperson for Walkers Snacks – said: “Claw or Monster is a debate that has continued to divide British opinion as much as whether or not you put jam or cream on your scone first, or whether that famous dress was gold or blue.

“Therefore we felt it was only right to settle the debate once and for all, through launching our ‘Monster’ and ‘Claw’ shaped packs and asking the fans to decide – and now they have spoken… So moving forwards it won’t be open to debate,

“They are officially ‘claw’ shaped forever more. Or until our innovation team gets restless, at least.”

Well, there you have it.

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