Who is Chorlton’s ‘mystery bush trimmer’ that only operates at night?

"It's not like it was bushy beforehand."

Dolly Busby Dolly Busby - 8th October 2021

Chorlton residents have a mystery to solve after a homeowner wakes up to find his hedge has been inexplicably trimmed.

Locals in the sought-after Manchester suburb have been left puzzled, and some disturbed, upon finding a covert gardener is pruning their leafy suburb in the dead of night.

Paul Couvela took to Facebook group Chorlton M21 explaining that his front foliage had been bizarrely cut by “a person or persons unknown” and appealed to his fellow residents that: “It’s not like it was bushy beforehand.

“I’m a bit peeved. It looks torn in places, like they’ve used their bare hands or teeth.

“Faintly sinister.”

“It’s not like it was bushy beforehand.” / Credit: Paul Couvela / Chorlton M21

Members of the Facebook group replied in the comment section calling it a “shearious crime” and labelling the perpetrator “the phantom bush trimmer.”

Chorlton’s Edward Scissor Hands is not the tidiest horticulturalist, as they did not clear up their chippings and instead left a carpet of green outside Couvela’s house.


A highly passive aggressive warning sign or a harmless attempt at topiary?

It’s yet to be determined.

Featured Image – Paul Couvela / Chorlton M21