Woman buys £4 eBay deck chair and Twitter users respond hilariously

Emily Hargreaves

Here's a lesson in always reading the small print.

eBay is a great place for a bargain.

The e-commerce buy & sell platform has faced a lot of stiff competition over the years from other similar websites threatening to steal some of it's glory, but it still remains that if you're after copping a bargain, eBay is a surefire place to find one.

And a bargain is exactly what one girl thought she'd bagged herself when she ordered a deck chair for £4 off the site.

Yes, just £4. That's all.

We'd be feeling pretty smug about that sort of a bargain too if it was us, especially with all the sunshine and warm weather we've been having recently as well. It's just that we know the outcome of this unfortunately and the outcome isn't exactly what it initially seemed.

Twitter user Emily Hargreaves shared the hilarious anecdote of her flatmate's purchase and included a photo of the £4 deck chair in a tweet that read: "Flatmate ordered a £4 deck chair from @eBay for the garden. We thought she’d got a bargain."

"It just arrived..."

Have you picked up on the problem here now?

Look, there's no denying it'd be a bargain for The Borrowers, but that's about it. For regular sized humans, it's about as much use as chocolate teapot.

If this isn't the perfect example for a lesson in why we should always read the small print, then we don't know what is.

The responses to Emily's tweet were just as good as the original story, too.

We can sit here and laugh at this all we want, but we know full well that Emily's flatmate isn't the only one who would fall into this trap.

We all know at least one 'Emily's flatmate', don't we?

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