Woman goes viral after comical accident with a razor and a Golden Retriever

Rach Sharpe

Now, this is good lockdown content.

It seems self-shaving accidents are happening left, right and centre at the moment, doesn't it?

Whether it's lads shaving their heads completely, or their partners giving them a dodgy 'fresh fade' instead, it's not exactly going to plan for a lot of people and as the nation has officially been in lockdown for a full month now amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, there's only going to be more accidents happening.

If you're up for a good laugh though, then one woman has shared a story of a rather unique shaving accident involving an electric razor and a Golden Retriever.

In a now viral post in the Golden Retrievers UK Facebook group, Rach Sharpe shared photos of her adorable doggo and told the very comical state of events that lead to her resembling a "money box".

The post read: "Has anyone else had a shaving accident [?]"

"[I] was trimming my husband beard and she came up behind me I was like oh yeah I’ll shave the dog (jokingly) and she moved her head and now has this line in her head".

"She looks like a money box and I can’t even look at her without crying".

We hope those are tears of laughter?

Whilst this isn't your run of the mill shaving mishap, we'd put good money on you not being the only one this has happened too Rach, don't worry. The post already amassing over 19,000 interactions, 35,000 shares and hundreds of comments speaks volumes.

In fact, plenty of the comments on the post are from others sharing their unfortunate lockdown shaving situations, but considering the majority of us aren't professional hairdressers, it's inevitable really.

As much as this has given us a good laugh and as much as she does resemble a money box, we can all agree that she still looks cute though, right?

Pulls it off better than most people ever could, that's for sure!

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