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Manchester comedian Karl Porter recreates iconic dance from The Office at his wedding

The surprise at the end. Priceless.

Danny Jones Danny Jones - 28th May 2024

Manchester comedian Karl Porter has taken his love of The Office to a whole new level by surprising his guests with a recreation of one of the iconic routines from the beloved comedy for the first dance at his wedding.

And yes, we mean The Office UK, a.k.a the proper one.

While the day itself was no doubt about expressing boundless love for his partner, the Salford-born and bred funny man couldn’t help but squeeze in a joke or two, the biggest one being possibly the greatest first dance ever caught on film.

Catching those who stood watching and expecting a romantic slow dance off guard, you have to appreciate the sheer commitment from the newlyweds – and you absolutely have to watch until the end for the unexpected twist.

@karlportercomedy Our Office inspired first dance with a surprise appearance 😅♥️ #TheOfficeUK #TheOffice #DavidBrent #wedding #firstdance #marriage #weddingdance @Red Roberts 🎤 ♬ original sound – Karl Porter Comedy

Absolute dynamite. Almost like they sort of fused flash dance with MC Hammer sh*t.


As you can see, not only did Porter and his wife Red Roberts – a cabaret singer who performs all over the North West – pull off the duet originally performed by Rachel (Stacey Roca) and Neil Godwin (Patrick Balaldi), but they even bring their very own David Brent at the end.

Positioned as the foremost Ricky Gervais Lookalike in the UK, impersonator Tim Oliver not only came and did the even more iconic dance made famous by the legendary British comedy’s supremely cringey fictional boss but he even did a whole mini photo shoot with the pair earlier this month.


No, seriously. He might as well have been an equal third of the wedding.

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With the impersonator qualifying that the “wedding was a laugh [and] it couldn’t have been anything else” since “most of the guests were comedians”, Porter and Roberts were clearly more than game to have a boss, friend, philanthropist and basically a chilled out entertainer come and supply a few giggles.

The comments loved the dance just as much the wedding guests on the day did too, with plenty of people getting involved with The Office banter. We particularly enjoyed this one: “All the money collected is for both dances, both excellent dances…”


If you know, you know.

Congrats again to the happy couple and we hope to see a slow-motion version soon.

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Featured Images — Karl Porter Comedy (via TikTok)