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Someone’s made a list of ‘WTF British TV’ moments in 2021 – and it’s brilliant

Emily Sergeant Emily Sergeant - 20th December 2021

Remember at the end of 2020 when we all thought 2021 couldn’t be any crazier than the year just gone? Well, we were wrong.

It’s been one hell of a year.

2020 may have been the year that life as we once knew it was flipped on its head thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic – with several lockdowns and continuous restrictions introduced – but 2021 was the year that madness continued stronger than ever, and although some level or normality did start to resume as the year went on, we still had a good few months spent twiddling our thumbs with time to kill.

So it’s a good job we’ve had television to keep us sane and entertained, right?

In 2020, Twitter user @thediyora decided to create a thread rounding up some of the most iconic TV moments in one place, so we wouldn’t go forgetting them any time soon – and it’s fair to say it was absolutely hilarious.


And this year, we have Twitter user @scottygb to thank for doing the same thing.

Not only is Scott a pretty well-known Twitter user, but his actual job is being a TV critic and broadcaster, so if there’s anyone we can count on to round-up all of the best and, in his words, “WTF moments”, of British TV in 2021 to give us a good laugh, it’s him.


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From that time on the Great British Bake Off when Prue Leith talked about how she always put in “two holes” in her doughnuts so she could “squirt” the filling, to when a groom on Married at First Sight thought he was meeting his bride as she walked down the aisle, but it was actually one of the bridesmaids, and most-recently, when Oscar-winning actress Olivia Colman accidentally “dunked on” comedian Jack Whitehall’s American accent in his new film during a clip that was shown on the Graham Norton Show, the list is guaranteed to have you giggling at least once or twice.

And that’s only touching the surface, as there’s a total of 33 brilliant TV moments that make up this Twitter thread.


There’s plenty to unpack here.

Do you agree with this thread?

Are there any other iconic British TV moments you would add to the 2020 list?

As mentioned, there’s 33 moments that feature on this list in total, so we haven’t included every single tweet from the thread in this article, but if you do fancy having a look through the full thing, then head on over to @scottygb’s Twitter here.

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