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Giant ‘sex-crazed’ spiders are invading UK homes as mating season begins

The warm, wet summer has provided perfect conditions for the Giant House Spider to grow to record sizes.

The Manc The Manc - 30th August 2021

Spiders ‘the size of your hand’ are set to invade UK homes as mating season begins.

The arrival of these massive arachnids that are on the prowl for sexual partners is imminent as they seek out the warm and dry spots in your home.

Male house spiders can have a leg span of up to 10cm and are now in the middle of mating season, which spans through August and September.

The warm, wet summer has provided perfect conditions for the Giant House Spider to grow to record sizes.

Speaking about the impending spider invasion, Vanessa Amaral-Rogers, from Buglife, says: “Autumn is the time of year when many of us get our houses invaded by rather large and – for some of us – rather scary eight-legged creatures.


“For the most part these are male house spiders and they are on the prowl and filled with intent.

“They are on the search for females and will explore every corner of your house looking for the lady spider of their dreams.”


Residents across the region have already taken to social media to report early sightings of the unwanted critters.

The giant house spider has a bite which can even penetrate human skin leaving a stinging feeling, though they will not bite unless provoked.

Steve McGrail, from Pro-Kill Environmental, said that male spiders are normally reclusive, but tend to be driven out into the open by their desire to get their eight legs over.


He said: “The male spiders come out the woodwork during this time of year as it is breeding season and they are searching for female spiders.

“They are actually there in the home at other times of year but they are hidden away – under the floor, in the attic, in the basement. If you find them, it’s pretty much impossible to rid your house of them.

“They may disappear for a period of time, but other spiders will come in their place. The best thing to do if you find them is put them in a shed – it’s a case of out of sight, out of mind . If you put them outside they are likely to die.”

This year’s September spider infestation has already begun for plenty of Brits, with alarmed arachnophobes reporting that some of the horny critters are particularly large.