The Manc - You can get unsolved case files to try and solve"

You can get unsolved case files to try and solve


Some people have a sixth sense for solving riddles. 

Putting the pieces of a puzzle together and finding leads where everyone else can only see dead ends? That's a rare talent.

There's a good chance you didn't become a grizzled detective in real life, of course. But there is a game that lets you simulate that career in an eerily accurate way.

Unsolved Case Files puts a murder case in your hands and tasks you with finding the killer.

You'll need to use evidence photos, newspaper articles, crime scene photographs, blueprints, autopsies, arrest reports, medical records and witness statements to uncover the truth about what happened to your victim.

A viral Tweet has seen the game enjoy increased exposure in recent weeks, with Unsolved Case Files representing a huge step-up from your run-of-the-mill murder mystery entertainment.

Suitable for lone wolves or partners in crime, this is a game capable of turning an average dinner party on its head.

So, fancy becoming a detective for a day? Get your first case online right now from Amazon.


Featured image: Amazon/Unsolved Case Files

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