The Manc - Wife builds husband his very own Caffè Ner'ome in the garden"

Wife builds husband his very own Caffè Ner’ome in the garden


On a day when we should be putting the Coronavirus pandemic in the back of our minds and appreciating all of the things mum's do for their loved ones, let's take a second to appreciate this one.

A tweet went viral yesterday showing a man enjoying a little alone time in a DIY Caffè Nero in his garden, put together by his adoring wife.

The tweet read: "My Dad has missed being able to go for coffee with my Mum so she’s made him is own Caffè Nero in the garden."

Since posting the tweet, Joseph has had over 400 replies and the post has been liked over 4,000 times – and shows the lengths people across the country are going to, to ensure the best possible quarantine for themselves and their families.

And while Joseph's dad doesn't look overly impressed with a photo being taken of him in his new private sanctuary, we're confident he appreciates his wife's savvy effort.

Well done Joseph's mum, you're the hero we all need during this sh*t time.

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