The Manc - World stops spinning after someone posts plate of pasta and gravy online"

World stops spinning after someone posts plate of pasta and gravy online

Rate My Plate

The world has stopped spinning after someone posted a particularly controversial meal to popular Facebook page Rate My Plate this week.

Kristi D took to the RMP Facebook group to post her 'Classic Pasta & Gravy' dish, which ended up being published on their official page due to the significant reaction it got.

Almost 30,000 people have had their say on the classic dish and it's safe to say opinion is split down the middle.

Classic Pasta & Gravy by Kristi D

Posted by Rate My Plate on Friday, February 7, 2020

One commenter said: "That's definitely a classic Kristi. A classic example of shit on a plate."

While another said: "Nothing wrong with a bit of pasta & gravy lol this is a students/poor mans meal though haha I’ve had this when there’s nothing else in the cupboards."

One guy even managed to rack up 600 likes with his comment, saying: "Had issues with my pasta today but still looks better than yours," before posting the below photo...

Rate My Plate

Personally, I don't see much wrong with a plate of pasta lathered in gravy – just add a bit (a lot) of grated cheese and you're onto a winner, but as it's 2020, not everybody was going to be pleased.

The Rate My Plate Facebook page continues to wage on and seems to be standing the test of time on social media – and we thank the creators for staying true to their original concept.

Now time to buy a bag of chips and some Bisto.

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