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New movies added to immersive drive-in cinema experience ‘Scare City’

Organisers of the upcoming drive-in Halloween drive-in cinema experience have confirmed that the scares are starting early.

The Manc The Manc - 25th September 2020

Organisers of Manchester’s upcoming Halloween drive-in cinema experience have confirmed that the scares will be starting earlier than anticipated.

Park N Party – the team behind the Scarecity event – has confirmed the addition of half a dozen extra films to the schedule.

Screenings will also begin 72 hours earlier than originally planned – with six horror flicks playing across three extra days.

Scarecity – which sees terrifying performers swarming on unsuspecting viewers’ during each evening of car park entertainment – will now launch on Friday 9 October.


The new schedule includes the following films:

  • Annabelle Comes Home – Fri – 09/10/20 – 20:00
  • The Witches – Sat – 10/10/20 – midday
  • Coco – Sat – 10/10/20 – 16:00
  • Halloween 2018 – Sat – 10/10/20 – 20:00
  • Hotel Transylvania – Sun – 11/10/20 – 16:00
  • The Grudge – Sun – 11/10/20 – 20:00

Scarecity will run right through to November 1 – screening classics such as The Ring, Blair Witch Project, Get Out and It.

Tickets are priced at £35 per vehicle.


Food and drink is also available to purchase on site; served and distributed in compliance with COVID-19 safety precautions.

You can reserve your spot at ScareCity online now via Eventbrite.